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Rose Well Spa Massages From R 265 per person for 30 minutes. Day spa; Indoor heated pool; Cold swimming pool

Magaliesburg Spa

If the world is taking a toll on your body, you need spa therapies.

There is nothing like a visit to a Magaliesburg spa to relieve body tension created by city life-styles. If you owe your body a treat, take a short drive out to one of the Magaliesberg’s country spas. Bookings are usually essential.

We own The Rose Well Spa, which is a dedicated complex with 5 therapy rooms, a heated spa plunge pool and mineral therapy ponds, so we will not comment on other spas or the treatments they offer. Addresses have been provided for the key spas and wellness centres in the area. For more spas elsewhere in Gauteng go to  gauteng day spa.

What should you expect of a good country spa?

Certainly NOT

Luxury Magaliesburg hotels with spas


Chillax in Magalies

swimming pool Magaliesburg Spa

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