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Rose Well Spa Guesthouse From R490 per person per night sharring Bed and Breakfast. Day spa; Indoor heated pool; Cold swimming pool

Magaliesburg Shopping

Magaliesburg is not a shopping mecca but you may need the


Decor and antiques

African curios

Some tourist shopping advice: Beaded work and cloths are light to carry in luggage. Airlines are used to transporting carved African giraffes as hand luggage. Wrap them well to avoid damage. Beware of roadside hawkers and curio vendors who charge tourists wildly inflated prices. Haggle about prices and ensure that no money is visible to salespersons, who will match their demands to shoppers accents and visible means. South African Rand is the only legal currency, but hawkers will sometimes trade in illegal foreign currencies and offer poor rates of exchange.

Romantic Getaways

Romantic Getaways Magaliesburg Shopping

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